About Us

In this day and age of developing technology, we bring the one-stop solution to all your needs. We value your time and understand how a snag in your routine can hinder the course of your day.

Our Mission

Kumbhkaran is the ideal App to make life easy and convenient! Simply register on our App to find yourself a host of proficient utilities. Our aim is to put you in touch with professionals from a variety of fields, simply use the app to chat or call these experts and streamline your daily life.

Our Vision for Customers

We wish to reverse the trend of customers seeking vendors by taking advantage of the host of hi-tech options available to us and bring together clients and vendors on the same platform. Our aim is to use technology to help our users simplify their daily life. Keeping in line with the developing trends of e-commerce, we wish to promote cashless transactions, helping an overall development in society and the nation as well.

Our Vision for Vendors/Service Providers

Why let the big names of the industry enjoy a monopoly in the market? Offering an equal platform to all companies alike, we aim to keep in line with the escalating trend of online shopping and provide a platform to small vendors and give them complete market access and a chance to compete with the companies more established in the industry. By connecting them to a larger group of customers, we can help them increase their profits and clientel.